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“We are looking for new recruits that share our passion for travel and more importantly put customers at the heart of everything that they do.”

Our highly experienced team come from a variety of very different backgrounds. From airlines, high street and independent agents, tour operators and other travel suppliers. We also have a few Associates who have trained with us and have become very successfully homeworkers in their own right. Ideally we would like you to have at least two years ABTA travel agent experience but if you don’t and would like to discuss training opportunities and working with us as a referrer, please contact us..

We are looking for new recruits that share our passion for travel and more importantly put customers at the heart of everything that they do.

Here is what you can expect from Designer Travel if you join our business.

What start-up costs are involved and are there any on-going support costs?

If you are successful with your application you would pay a joining fee of £295. This fee is refunded to you at the end of your first year with us providing you have generated sales in excess of £175K. There is an on-going monthly support fee of £50. After your initial start-up supply of stationery any items ordered from us are charged at the rate it costs us to purchase them plus any applicable postage.

What kind of induction experience can you expect?

We would typically complete your one day induction in your own home. This approach means that we have the chance to check the technology works in situ and that you have everything ready to do your job from day one.

What do we provide to get you started and what do we expect from you before you start?

We will provide you with a company laptop, company printer (if required) and a stationery starter pack which consists of a small supply of stationery to get you started.

To access the booking systems that we use you will need to have a broadband solution in place with the use of a wireless router. You will also need a telephone supplier who will offer you the best rate for telephone calls and broadband. Many operators now offer ‘inclusive packages’ so it’s worth doing your homework to check out special offers.

Do we provide leads?

We have arrangements with a number of on-line companies to provide a holiday finding service for their customers. We never guarantee leads and never recruit Associates on a purely referral basis. If you decide you want to opt in for enquiries on a particular day you advise us by email and leads are then matched to available Associates. Using a sophisticated tracking system you then update a web based solution on the progress you have made with each lead.

What kind of support network do we offer?

We have a Head Office located in Lancashire that looks after all post booking customer documentation. Once you have confirmed your booking and sent out the original documentation by email then the Administration Team will deal with confirmations and tickets. The customer relationship is managed by you so you will collect the customer balances and manage any pre and post departure questions or queries. There is always a member of our team available in the evenings and over the weekend for any urgent queries or help required.

In terms of business development there is a comprehensive business development file and training module available.  Financial support with planned wedding fairs and other events is also available along with one to one mentoring if required.

We try to secure one educational place for every Associate each year. In addition, our  optional annual overseas conference provides everyone with the opportunity of experiencing a destination and hotel that is important to our business.

How much commission will I earn and what rewards package is available?

You can earn attractive levels of commission with levels varying for referrals and your own customers. We pay 100% of the staff incentives you earn and any vouchers offered by operators are yours to keep.

Our Business Associates can start generating an income in month one – we pay 80% of your commissions in the month following booking with the balance of 20% paid on all travelled bookings at the end of our financial year. The 20%, which we refer to as ‘the pot’ is built up to cover any cancellation exposure, commission amends and will also provide an attractive pay out which could be used towards your personal tax and NI contributions. If you ever decide to leave us then your final pot payment will be made once all your customers have travelled.

What technology will you have access to for bookings, social media and for on-line web enquiries?

We use the ISELL system which is powered by Travtek. This system allows the user to book packages, dynamic packages, flights, accommodation only, transfers and cruises. ISELL also provides us with an access channel to viewdata.

We have a sophisticated database management system which allows you to build up your own customer email database. We will prepare and send out personalised newsletters and offers to your database on a regular basis.

You have the option of linking your personal webpage to your own Facebook, Twitter & Linked In accounts.

What sort of commercial deals does the business have?

As a true independent agent we deal with a wide spectrum of suppliers for holidays, accommodation only and a wide range of other travel elements including flights, lounges, car parking and attraction tickets etc.