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I have been with Designer Travel ever since the company  began and I have not looked back!  I left my position as a Branch Manager  from a high street travel agency to become a homeworker.  It took some  adjusting as suddenly you are on your own and may feel lonely but you soon find  that you can pick the phone up and share ideas and thoughts with any of our  friendly team.  The support from Karen and Amanda is great and nothing is  ever too much trouble for them.  Our admin team at Ramsbottom are very  supportive too and do a really good job .  To be a successful homeworker,  you need to have drive and self motivation to do well and it will take a few  years to build a good client base and you soon get into the habit of always  networking wherever you are – “ you reap what you sew!”                                                 Rachael Wilford

I have always been passionate about travel having worked in the Holiday and Cruise Travel business for over 25 years. I have chosen to work with Designer Travel who are a modern go-ahead company who share the same passion for travel and good old-fashioned first class customer service as I do. They are strongly independent, run by two very professional owner Directors Karen Pocock & Amanda Matthews, who are always on hand to give advice and encouragement allowing their Business Associates to run their business at their own pace. Designer Travel form part of the Hays Travel Independent Group consortia (the largest ABTA Independent Travel Group in the UK) so it means you have access to a huge range of holidays and flights at very competitive prices – from the smallest, specialist suppliers to the bigger well-known brands. Their user friendly ISELL system is impressive compared with the old fashioned systems like Tarsc and TravelCat. Don’t hesitate to contact me in confidence if you wish to any further information: simon@designertravel.co.uk or give me a call on my direct line: 01475 540350.                                         Simon Gemmell

I have been working for Designer Travel since Dec 2012 and after 6 years break from the travel industry it has worked perfectly for getting me back into the swing of selling holidays again.  I have 2 young children so being able to work my hours around nursery and school is fantastic.  I do tend to find that I cannot switch off and work a lot in the evenings too but in time I am going to be more disciplined and limit the “extra” hours.  Karen and Amanda are always on the end of the phone if I have any  queries and are only too happy to help with everything. I am still working on building up a client base which does take time and can feel like I am not getting anywhere but I am      distributing my cards where ever I can, attending wedding fayres and getting my name out there so hopefully in a few months, I shall start to see a rise in enquiries.  In the meantime, I am  getting referral enquiries from Karen and Amanda so I am never sat twiddling my thumbs. All in all I am very happy working with Designer Travel and feel that it was the best way forward for me.                            Susan Dearing


I have  worked in lots of different sections of the travel business over a number of years. I  have also worked from home before so knew what was involved. Having worked overseas for a number of years I made sure that I kept up with the various changes and developments affecting the industry. Whilst away I had seen and heard that Karen and Amanda had set up and  started Designer Travel. I kept a close eye on developments and watched and saw how they kept on top of all the new  trends and developments they proved themselves to be a couple of get up and doer’s and  I just knew I  would join Designer Travel on my return to the UK. I have been with Designer Travel since October  2010 and I have never looked back. It is not as good as i thought it would be,  it is a thousand times better!! Working with such dedicated and professional people is such a pleasure alongside having the flexibility of working from home. I love being able to have the time to go out and meet  people in the local community. If you would like to know more about homeworking in our business please feel free to contact me  any time debbie@designertravel.co.uk                            Debbie Hammond